Variations on Tropes and Themes: Competition in Anime [OWLS February Blog Tour: Competition]

I have an embarrassing problem: I can’t help but love tropes. Yes, I even enjoy many of the tired ones like high schoolers putting on a gender-swapped play or two or more characters swapping minds. It’s just such a delight to see the unique twists and theme combinations that authors and creators throw into less-than-unique content and see my favorite story types retold over and over again. Let’s explore the differences that theme combinations can make in repetitive story elements by looking at tropes centered around the theme of competition...

Spooky Halloween Tropes Collaboration

I'm excited to share with you the first community collaboration event here on Pop Culture Literary. We wanted to know about your favorite spooky/October/Halloween tropes, and today we get to share what you had to say! Let's take a moment to throw back to yesterday and enjoy some spooky tropes in the spirit of Halloween! 

Update on Community Event

Hello Readers! You might have noticed that the promised community collaboration post didn't make it up last week. It is on its way, and I apologize for the delay. I decided that I wanted to post the collaboration on Tuesday the 31st, Halloween. I wanted to try to include a few more voices in the … Continue reading Update on Community Event

Community Collaboration Challenge: Common Tropes in Spooky/Halloween Pop Culture.

The internet is a beautiful space for exploration and collaboration. I've been thinking for a while (inspired by other bloggers like Fujinsei and TheWellRedMage) hosting community collaborations of their own) that I wanted to start doing community collaboration event posts here on Pop Culture Literary in order to get the community more involved with this blogging project. Without knowing how much participation will actually happen, I thought I would kick us off this month. Welcome to the Spooky/Halloween/October Tropes Community Collaboration Challenge Event! I welcome everyone to participate in this event...

Family Dynamics in Gravity Falls [OWLS August Blog Tour: Bloodlines]

Everyone has their own experience with and definition of family –some positive, some negative. In the media, however, we often only see certain portrayals such as a positive family with one mom, one dad, and children, or a broken family who all work together to change their ways in the end. In his hit animated series Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch tackles the complicated issues that shape families and addresses the fact that not all families are ideal, but that doesn't make them bad...

Tropes: When You’re Fairly Certain You’ve Seen These Odd Parents Before

Anybody that watches cartoons or anime is familiar with today's topic: the trope. Tropes act as a visual way for the creator of a work to quickly and easily convey a concept to their audience. They can take many forms-- a figure of speech, a character type, a plot device, a location or location type, a pattern of storytelling, a sub-plot. If you've seen the concept before, it is most likely a trope. Let's take a look at a few examples of tropes found in Butch Hartman's The Fairly Odd Parents.