Battlestar Galactica Pantoum: This Has All Happened Before

This has all happened before, and it will happen again. Fans of the 2004-2009 Battlestar Galactica reboot know this mantra well. What if I told you that there's a poetic form that fits this theme of inescapable repetition perfectly? Let's explore one of my favorite monstrous manifestation (it's a poetry blog post, I had to slip in some consonance) of poetic form: the pantoum.


Holiday Special: Eight Nights of Deus ex Machina 8: Battlestar Galactica

Tonight is the last night of Chanukkah, meaning that it is just about time to break out the Santa hats in my household, and I'm pretty excited. In the meantime, welcome to the concluding night of the Eight Nights of Deus ex Machina holiday special. Tonight, spin up the FTL Drive for a few examples from Battlestar Galactica...

A Beginning: Discovering Literary Elements in Castles and Everyday Places

Back in high school, I never considered myself much of a reader or writer. Sure, I loved reading manga and challenging my writing skills in anime RPG forums, but it was all non-academic to me. My teachers always seemed disappointed or disinterested in these hobbies, so I wrote them off as being purely entertainment. It wasn't until years later that I made the connection that my hobbies could be studied and used for growth and academics...