Responding to The Well-Red Mage: Are Video Games Art?

Today’s post, unplanned and thus appearing on an unusual day for my usual schedule, comes in response to The Well-Red Mage Asking Big Questions, a community project inviting bloggers to share their thoughts on gaming world questions. This month, the community is exploring the issue of whether or not video games qualify as art. This … Continue reading Responding to The Well-Red Mage: Are Video Games Art?


Allusions: A Literary Niche

When we talk, we often make references to popular culture in order to convey information quickly. If a person says “Sam acts like such a Romeo,” they mean that Sam is a romantic person. Calling the internet a Garden of Eden shows that the internet is a plentiful place that fills the needs of its users. We don’t usually stop to explain these references to our listeners; we assume that they have prior knowledge on the subject and thus understand. These references are called allusions, and they appear in many elements of pop culture, including video games...