Pop Culture Grammar Bytes: Possessive Plural Punctuation

Last time, we looked at the difference between plural and possessive punctuation. I wanted to keep it somewhat simple for that post. I mentioned that we'd tackle possessive punctuation on its own soon, and here we are! If you've ever had questions on how to use punctuation to show that more than one "someone" (or, in some cases, something) owns something, you've come to the right place! There are a few rules to keep in mind with possessive punctuation, and using it wrong can lead to some real confusion.

Pop Culture Grammar Bytes: Its Vs. It’s

What does pop culture (cartoons, manga, comics, anime, videogames, books, TV shows, movies, etc.) have in common with grammar? A lot more than you might think! This month, we're using pop culture to examine the difference between it's and its...