A Beginning: Discovering Literary Elements in Castles and Everyday Places

Back in high school, I never considered myself much of a reader or writer. Sure, I loved reading manga and challenging my writing skills in anime RPG forums, but it was all non-academic to me. My teachers always seemed disappointed or disinterested in these hobbies, so I wrote them off as being purely entertainment. It wasn't until years later that I made the connection that my hobbies could be studied and used for growth and academics...


Responding to The Well-Red Mage: Are Video Games Art?

Today’s post, unplanned and thus appearing on an unusual day for my usual schedule, comes in response to The Well-Red Mage Asking Big Questions, a community project inviting bloggers to share their thoughts on gaming world questions. This month, the community is exploring the issue of whether or not video games qualify as art. This … Continue reading Responding to The Well-Red Mage: Are Video Games Art?

Jagged Bloodlines

Family is a loaded word. For some, it has nothing but positive connotations. But for others, it carries heavy negative associations. Knowing this, I had some trouble working on this month's OWLS topic. Not that it struck a chord with my own history or anything. I am one of those people with buckets full of positive connotation attached to the word 'family'. I grew up in a very stable family environment. We were the picture of the happy family with loving parents who rarely fought, and three children who only fought as much as siblings are prone to doing. No, my struggle lay in the knowledge that this is not always the case. Not everyone has a positive experience with their relatives....

Eight Literary Allusions in Cartoons: Celebrating National Book Lover’s Day

It's National Book Lover's Day, an official-unofficial holiday celebrating literacy and books. People often mistakenly believe that real readers only read novels, especially the literary classics such as The Scarlet Letter or Oliver Twist. That's not strictly true. Whether you read comics or novels, literary classics or fantasy, you are a reader. Books have been … Continue reading Eight Literary Allusions in Cartoons: Celebrating National Book Lover’s Day

Symbolism Bonus: Rise of the Guardians

While discussing Over the Garden Wall, we took a look at a few specialized symbols from the show. I know that symbolism can take a few tries to understand, so I wrote this as a follow-up to explore a specialized symbol in another work. Let’s take a look at Rise of the Guardians...