Creative Project Announcement (And a call for help)!

It’s been a while since I posted anything. Fortunately, that long silence should be ending soon. I finished my master’s thesis and presented it two weeks ago. After, I had heavy reading assignment loads to deal with. Now that I’m on spring break, my goal is to work hard to get ahead in my reading assignments and research papers so that I have more time for my own writing.

I wanted to announce that I’m starting a new creative project today that I need some help with! It is going to be a collection of creative work from various people which they worked on during self-isolation or under various levels of quarantine in response to COVID-19.

Here is a preview from the about page:

I am putting together this creative collection project in response to isolation and quarantine periods related to COVID-19. Recently, I’ve been seeing people in various forums asking for suggestions and making suggestions on what to do while stuck at home. I woke up one morning and thought ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to have a collection of creative works created by people during the self-isolations and quarantines we are seeing right now?’ It would give people something to do in the meantime.

Right now, people may be feeling antsy, bored, depressed, lonely, and maybe even a little frightened. This collection is meant to inspire creative work during a trying time and help people feel more connected to others while they’re taking pandemic precautions at home.

I would love to put together a collection of creative pieces made by people during this time. It can be anything creative made by anybody (kids, teens, adults, seniors, French speakers, Spanish speakers, Guatemalans, Germans, Chicagoans, scientists… anybody!). It would be especially delightful if that person has never done anything in the chosen medium before and challenged themselves by trying something new.

Right now, because I’ve just launched it, the only creative work represented is a wood burned spoon I’m working on. I would love to have other people submit work! If you want to participate, please get in touch with me! And feel free to spread the word on this project, I would greatly appreciate it.

Here is the URL, for ease of access:

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