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Every now and then, I like sharing resources that I’ve discovered over time. Today, I’m sharing resources that have been of great use to me as an avid reader.

Admittedly, I have a bit of a problem when it comes to books. They’re highly distracting and extremely addicting. I have two bookshelves (one small and one tall) here at home with some creative stacking and overspill. I also have a tall bookshelf and a wardrobe of some sort at my parents’ house similarly packed to bursting. My kindle has over 600 books on it as well (many of which I got for free).

Fortunately, I’ve come across several amazing and free book apps that allow me to access more books without spending more money or adding too many unnecessary books to my collection. If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend checking out some of these great resources:


Overdrive: The Overdrive app is one of my favorite book resources. It uses your library card (for libraries that have an account) to allow you to check out digital books and audio books from your library without going to the library. I use this app nearly every day. I’ve listened to several amazing books that I wouldn’t have read if I wasn’t listening to them during commute and chore time.



Libby: Admittedly, I haven’t had a chance to use Libby yet, but it is just like Overdrive. From the sounds of it, Libby is working on taking over for Overdrive. I’m excited to find out why!



Hoopla: Hoopla is another library app that allows you to borrow from your library’s digital collection, but with the added bonus of comics, music, movies, and TV. This app is my go-to for comics. I also tend to find ebooks and audio books here that aren’t available through my library’s Overdrive.



LibriVox: There’s no library card required for LibriVox. This app is full of audio recordings of classic literature that has entered the public domain (the copyright on those works has expired and the works can now be used freely). I’m a slow reader, and struggle a lot when it comes to reading classic literature, so I find this app to be very useful.



Do you know of any other awesome book resources that you’d love to share with fellow book lovers? Share them in the comments! You can also connect on Twitter at @Popliterary, or send a message on the “contact” page.

And as always, if you have a literary device or grammar rule you want to know more about, or a game, comic, show, or movie that you want to see make an appearance on the blog, leave a shout-out in the comments!

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