Celebrating 50 Followers! Come Share Your Favorites Collaboration

Hello Inquisitive Minds!

I’m proud to say that Pop Culture Literary has reached the milestone of 50 Followers! That’s pretty exciting. I really appreciate and am thankful for all of the support from you.


To celebrate YOU, I wanted to use this opportunity to invite you to share your favorite pop culture narratives. Talk about your current or all-time favorites from any pop culture genre (games, movies, cartoons, anime, comics, etc.). Share what you like most about it (and feel free to share more than one if you’re having trouble narrowing it down). Remember, you don’t need to have a WordPress account to participate! You also don’t have to be an amazing writer to share. I welcome writers of all strengths to join in these collaborations.

No length is too short. You can just leave the titles of your favorites if you want to (but I highly encourage you to include a little more so that I know WHY you like them!), but try to keep it under 500 words if possible. If you want to post your response to your blog, don’t forget to share the link in the comments here so that I can see it.

I would like to collect responses into another collaboration piece that will go live at the end of November. If you don’t want your piece included in the collaboration, feel free to let me know. On a semi-related note, if you share something and don’t see it in the collab piece at the end of the month, please let me know! I want to make sure that everyone is included.

You can share by leaving a comment (here or on Instagram), Tweeting @PopLiterary, or sending a message on the Contact page. And who knows, maybe you’ll see your favorites pop up in future literary device posts! I look forward to learning more about your favorite pop culture narratives.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating 50 Followers! Come Share Your Favorites Collaboration

  1. I’ll start us off! One of my all-time favorite anime movies would have to be My Neighbor Totoro. I can’t quite say what drew me to it originally, but it’s been at the top of my list since I was an elementary schooler. I remember going to the video rental store (when those were a big enough deal that even small towns like mine had them) and checking out the VHS constantly.

    Other than just plain nostalgia, I like the film’s art and characters a great deal. They’re illustrated in ways that allow them to capture the imagination. I always find myself wanting to touch Catbus’ furry seats, pick fresh veggies with Nanny, or step into the beautiful home that the Kusakabe family moves into. I credit this movie with sparking my love of Japanese culture as well.

    And admittedly, I love many narratives that focus heavily on spirits, forests, and nature in general.


  2. Congratulations on reaching 50 followers!

    I can’t get enough of the music group, Mili. The singer, momocashew, has such a bubbly voice that forms a striking combo with the group’s preference for dark, tragic lyrics. The other musicians aren’t something to sneeze at, either – even the instrumental pieces they release really stand out. I do wish I get around to writing about them one day.

    My favorite songs include Bathtub Mermaid, RTRT, DK, Opium, and world.execute(me);

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